Over the years, typically after preaching, people I know would say “oh I can see you planting a  church or leading a church.” I think also I just didn’t want it. I saw the low cost on like personally and on someone’s family and the part of me was like I’m not called that.   I think it kind of had this box of what a church planter or a lead pastor looked like in terms of their personality their leadership style,

and I thought, that’s not me. 

Just over two years ago we had a leadership conference here. The whole theme of the night was becoming a sending church and. And it was several pieces that were said that night that just kind of got my wife to go “oh what if?” Later, God spoke super clearly he’s spoken that directly  maybe maybe five times my life. I knew it was God speaking. He said, “look, I know you’re scared and  you don’t see how this could happen, you don’t believe you have what it takes to go plant a church.”

This is what I’m calling you to and you can  get on board with that, or you walk in rebellion, there is no middle ground.  

But he also very graciously said “I know you don’t have the faith right now to believe and to see how it’s possible but I’m going to expand and grow your faith over these next seasons. So every time you’re in a conversation and you feel like I’m prompting to share the story of how I’ve come to you in this encounter each time you do that, I’m going to grow your faith. Just trust me with where you are now and be faithful where you’re going to reveal the next steps over the course of time.” Over the last two years, there’s been a lot of ups and downs. At  times we’ve tried to talk ourselves out of it or like I’m trying to settle for something different, but every time we hear, that’s not what God said. We had a lot of people affirming us and encouraging us as we processed everything.  A bit of advice that stood out to me was that it takes all kinds of people to reach all kinds of people, just like it takes all kinds of people to plant churches. For a long time in my immaturity, I didn’t recognize the diversity in the body of Christ and the diversity in leadership. It’s not like one has to be right and one has to be wrong. I think a lot of people can look at it that way. I know it’s not about right or wrong which ones are better or worse it’s there’s different gifts, personalities  and parts of the body and they’re all equally necessary.